Steve & Carolyn's Buyer's Agent Program

As your buyer's agents, Steve and Carolyn will protect your interest and negotiate on your behalf for the best possible home price and most favorable terms.  They will work full-time, ALL THE TIME, for you, the buyer, to help you achieve your "American Dream."

Steve and Carolyn's representation enables you to:
  • Make a fully informed decision about where you live...
  • Always keep an eye out on every property they show you for resale value...
  • Guide you when and when not to act quickly on a particular property of interest...
  • Help you compose a successful sales contract considering best terms and price for you and the particular home's situation...
  • Assist you and your offer in looking as attractive as possible to the seller when it is submitted...
  • Save you money on your home purchase...
  • Manage the process after contract acceptance through closing so that nothing falls through the cracks...

Best of all, their services are free to you, the buyer!

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