Why Choose Us to Assist You With the Purchase of Your Home

A unique buying philosophy - Here, they believe that educating their buyers about the home buying process (or refreshing their buyers' memory) from the start is key to having a successful buying experience.  That's why Steve and Carolyn take the time to go over the purchasing process with you so that the you know what to expect each and every step of the way.  They also take the time to go over the sales contract and explain all the details of it so that when the time comes to actually write a contract you feel more confident with what you're doing.  Even if you're a seasoned buyer (you've purchased homes in the past), this review can be extremely helpful considering that the buying process and contract have changed many times in the recent past and will continue to do so in the future.  In addition, Steve and Carolyn have compiled their Home Buyer's Guide to Purchasing which they give to each of their buyers at the very beginning of the search process.  It goes more into detail about the home buying process as it happens here in St. Louis.

Knowledge of St. Louis Metro - Both Carolyn and Steve are St. Louis natives.  They know the St. Louis communities and neighborhoods like the back of their hands.  Steve grew up in the Sunset Hills area and Carolyn grew up in the Chesterfield area.  Steve has since lived in Kirkwood, Glendale and now Clayton, and Carolyn lives in Brentwood.  They know the ins and outs and property values of all areas of St. Louis (city and county) and St. Charles.  They assist you with this knowledge in making the right choices for your home purchase.

They listen - The team first and foremost listens...really listens.  It is through the understanding of your specific needs that they are able to provide you with their expert knowledge, targeted strategies and aggressive implementation skills in order to reach your goals.

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